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shelar hills - for those perfect summer flights

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Shelar hill is a summer paragliding site in kamshet. From March to end of May when India readies for monsoons by letting in the wave of west winds from the coast, we at Kamshet shift our flying to Shelar hills. Shelar has a nice west facing bowl and a lower takeoff shelf which provides ideal flying for stronger winds for tandem joyrides, where one can fly with an experience pilot.

Shelar is around 10 km from Kamshet town. One can drive down or local tata sumo transport can be arranged. While getting there you will pass through a few villages where farming is still the way of life and you might see a few bullock carts too on the way. One can drive till the base of the hill and then hike 240 feet to the takeoff spot.

Flying starts after the peak heat of the afternoon, usually around 3 PM.

Once up in the sky the scenery opens up and you can experience the glory of the surrounding lakes and mountains, oh yeah, and a pretty sunset too. Have fun.

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