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Dream valentine's date

Received note below from one of our dear guest we at flykamshet love you jyoti shinde :)

wow!!!! What a sight it was.Paragliding is to boost one's inner confidence I would say. "This Valentine's Day was special & would remain memorable. Reasons aplenty. Had planned with friends to do something that was never thought of before, forget about attempting.Had to gather all my courage, so as to attempt 'Paragliding', which was really unbelievable. Honestly, had never ever dared to be on top of a high rise building and look down. But this kind of an attempt required me to be airborne for at least a minimum of 5 minutes or so. Had no guts to do it but still for the thrill of it fell for it, say so.

Called up one Pankaj @ Fly Kamsheth. On visiting the venue with my friends, Pankaj & his team mates gave all the vital information about Paragliding. Safety being the prime thing. Had stored all these info in my mind and was trying to get set for the wonderful experience but my confidence was at low ebb. Pankaj was really a great motivator to boost my confidence. Initially did trouble the team mates for 10 to 15 minutes but they never got annoyed and kept their cool in convincing me to get ready for the flight. Pankaj especially was the prime person in taking the initiative to boost my moral, explaining or trying to convince how one could see the world from top by flying like a fairy. Also said once on top one would feel like going again and again to Paraglide.

Reminded myself that why not try one time as to how it would feel like flying like a bird, even if I were to keep my eyes closed. So with everything set, padded up with the straps around my waist and shoulders, took the plunge with Pankaj the pilot. The chute on top,the whistling sound gushing in my ears & nose, felt as, though I would become unconscious plus the fear embedded deep inside my head. My heart was pumping vigorously for a few seconds. Pankaj was continously talking & motivating me to be calm, open my eyes and view the surrounding. Vow!!!! What a sight it was. That's when I felt as though I was on to if the world. Beautiful scenery below and the blue skies filled with clouds here and there, people and friends on ground looked so tiny like ants making it impossible to know who they were and where my friends were. It was a breath taking sight all around making my heart filled with joy and tears too. Didn't know when the Paraglide ride was over, even on Touching the ground I felt like I am still in the air flying with wings.

That's how the Valentine's Day was celebrated which also killed my fear and I fell in love with Paragliding. Of course, all this was possible only because of Pankaj and Fly Kamshet team to whom I would say Thanks a ton.

To end this I would like to say that, at least once in a lifetime one should Paraglide to end any fear lingering in one's mind. Paragliding is to boost one's inner confidence I would say."

Experience it to believe it,do make a visit,take to the skies acquire a memorable experience,valentine day or today trust us you will fall in love :)


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